folded namecard

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folded name card
folded namecard
folded namecard

full color (4C)
Print side
single / double
Actual size
max : 90mm x 54mm
min : 40mm x 40mm
Bleed size
max : 92mm x 56mm
min : 42mm x 42mm

~ 1mm bleeding for all edge.
260gsm art card namecard
260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) namecard
260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv (S) namecard
260gsm art card + gloss lamination (D) namecard
230gsm ivory card namecard
230gsm fine linen namecard
230gsm fine vein namecard
230gsm modern embossed namecard
200gsm pvc namecard
250gsm platinum white namecard
200pcs / 300pcs* / 500pcs / 1,000pcs / 2,000pcs / 3,000pcs / 4,000pcs / 5,000pcs / 6,000pcs / 7,000pcs / 8,000pcs / 9,000pcs / 10,000pcs

* for 260gsm art card, 260gsm art card + matt lamination (D),
    and 260gsm art card + matt lamination (D) + spot uv (S)
round corner (Optional)
File format
namecard printing (.ai)   print namecard (.pdf)   business namecard (.cdr)
Process duration
3-5 Days

About The Concept

Webthris Creative Studio was an idea created by Thristhan to have every marketing and advertising medium conducted centrally within one company. Website, flyer, brochures, corporate profiles, banners, advertising and distribution, all under one roof.

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