Domain Name Registration

.: Do I need a Domain Name?

That depends upon your purposes.

If you just want to put up a personal web page , you're probably better off simply placing that page with your current service provider. Practically all Internet dial-up accounts include a free web page. Your service provider can help you with the details.

If you're in business and wish to advertise your services on the Net, or provide information for clients, etc., it may still be simplest and most economical to set up the page(s) on an ordinary dial-up account. Unless your website is very large or will attract large numbers of users, this is usually OK, though you should check your service provider's terms of service.

It is a marketing maxim that if you're advertising to the general public, it is vitally important to present a simple, memorable message. Web addresses are no exception to this. Thus a well-chosen domain name can be absolutely essential to your enterprise on the Internet.

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Webthris Creative Studio was an idea created by Thristhan to have every marketing and advertising medium conducted centrally within one company. Website, flyer, brochures, corporate profiles, banners, advertising and distribution, all under one roof.

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