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Before you proceed to read, consider the fact below on how internet consumers find websites :

  • Search engines: 81%
  • Link from another site: 59%
  • Viral marketing (word of mouth): 56%
  • TV: 48%
  • Online advertising: 20%
  • Radio: 19%
  • Direct mail: 10%

You should know by now that if you're still thinking that having a website alone is enough, you are probably missing the boat from being found on the top of the search engines and directories online. What is the purpose to be ranked 99th in a search engine? Or sometimes not being ranked at all?

Something for you to try and experiment, key-in a key phrase or keyword to find your own website on any search engine (For example google, yahoo or msn), can you find it in the first 3 page (top 30 searches)  results of search engines? Or are your competitors being listed on the first page instead? Most Probably but that's no problem at the moment, at least you know now why you need SEO for your website. Be listed on google, be listed on yahoo or even be listed on MSN, get SEO done on your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  is the use of search engines online to pull or route traffic to a web site. It is the technique and art of getting a higher ranking in search engines and directories online via changes to a site to make it more search engine compatible.

Search Engine Optimization is vital because it helps you get traffic for free or sometimes for a small fee. You will discover that you will obtain the same or larger amount of visitors by optimization your website alone, without having to pay huge fees for advertising and marketing. A huge deal of Web surfers tend to ignore paid results (also knows as sponsored links) displayed by the search engine, yet if your site appears on the top of the first page of search engines results for their query, you will get these visitors almost for certain.

It is important for every business, no matter whether small as well as medium and large, to take into consideration how its website ranks in the major search engines and directories. Many companies underestimate and overlook the importance of search engines and fail to understand the ranking process so they end up ignoring what may be the most crucial ingredient of Internet marketing strategy.

We at Webthris Creative Studio always create a website that is funky and trendy in terms of design, and engineered in such a way that it will be among the top ranking of search engine results. Our team of 4 people working diligently and specially for the SEO are always alert and discovering new techniques or marketing strategy online.

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Webthris Creative Studio was an idea created by Thristhan to have every marketing and advertising medium conducted centrally within one company. Website, flyer, brochures, corporate profiles, banners, advertising and distribution, all under one roof.

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